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About Dr. Tatiana Y. Warren

Empowering Equity Through Dr. Tati's Journey

Dr. Tatiana Y. Warren is more than just the founder of Just TATI; she is a beacon of change in the public health sector. A Brooklyn, NY native whose parents migrated from Panama, Central America, Dr. Tati’s journey is one of passion, dedication, and relentless pursuit of health equity. With a rich academic background from Syracuse University to the University of South Carolina, she has not only acquired profound knowledge but has also applied it extensively to foster health equity across various platforms.

As a Social Behavioral Scientist, Dr. Tati has dedicated nearly two decades to bridging gaps in health disparities, consulting with healthcare organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies to implement and evaluate their health promotion programs effectively. Her work is not just about addressing current issues but also about laying a robust foundation for sustainable health practices that prioritize equity and access for all.

Just TATI also helps highly capable and driven organizations with social justice projects to inform and disseminate accurate and evidence-based equity topics to diverse audiences.

Our Expertise

Services That Make Sustainable Change

Healthcare Consulting

Expert consulting to improve healthcare services and promote equality across all patient care.

Non-profit Consulting

Strengthening non-profits in health promotion through strategic planning, capacity building, and effective program evaluation.

Project Management

Streamlining health projects for maximum efficiency and impact with professional project management services.

Change Management

Guiding organizations through change for better health program outcomes and improved organizational health.

Team Building

Enhancing team cohesion and performance through dynamic team-building activities tailored to your needs.

Leadership Development

Cultivating visionary leaders who can drive change and promote health equity in their organizations.

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Our organization stands out for its dedication to fostering health equity and empowering communities. With a deep understanding of public health challenges and innovative solutions, we offer unparalleled expertise. Our approach is personalized, evidence-based, and committed to making a lasting impact on health outcomes.

Proven Expertise

Decades of experience in transforming healthcare and promoting equity.

Innovative Solutions

Customized, cutting-edge strategies tailored to each organization.

Lasting Impact

Creating sustainable improvements in community health and well-being.

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"I recommend Dr. Tati as a host, keynote, or trainer whenever the occasion calls for a voice with poise and purpose to generate energy and enthusiasm in an audience that desires to be both educated and engaged. She is a true gem of a person as well as a presenter."

Vera Jones Award Winning Television and Radio Sports Broadcaster

As a faculty at the department of health policy and management at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, I worked with Dr. Warren on a few projects. At the professional level, I found her a professional scientist, a responsible person, and a team leader with fantastic communication skills with a lot of experience. At the personal level, she is very kind and cares about people with different backgrounds to help them and change their lives."

Dr. Hossein Zare Faculty at Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health

Dr. Warren is an exemplary contractor and collaborator. She is on-point, on-time, analytical, and thoughtful. She always has equity at the forefront of her work: from program planning to implementation to evaluation. Perhaps most importantly, she's great to work with. From the boardroom to the barbershop, she builds trust and understanding with everyone she works with.

Laura Flamm Community Health Senior Consultant Kaiser Permanente